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E-learning strategies to help students focus in the classroom

Posted at 12:41 PM, Aug 27, 2020

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular as kids go back to school, but educators and parents are concerned about children falling behind during virtual learning this fall.

Founder of International Children’s Media Center, Nicole Dreiske, shares techniques on how parents and teachers can keep their students focused, on-task, and engaged in a virtual classroom setting.

FastFOCUS is one of her programs that re-engages students within a matter of seconds through a series of high-energy micro-movements.

ScreenSmart is another that enables healthy tech habits and accelerates learning. She asserts that it's "how" the child approaches media that matters. The goal is to have students using technology as a useful learning tool, rather than a screen to stare at.

Together, these tools can provide educators and parents techniques for keeping students engages and actively learning, with less risk of falling behind this fall and in the future.

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