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Children's Healing Center partners with Priority Health to expand programs

Posted at 11:26 AM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 11:26:48-05

For many kids in West Michigan that have compromised immune systems, the Children's Healing Center is their safe place to play and have fun. Now thanks to a special grant, and a partnership with Priority Health, they can expand their play and recreation therapy services to immune-compromised children.

The Children’s Healing Center and Priority Health are partnering to expand play and recreation therapy, parent support, social and emotional support programs, and other services to children with complex medical conditions in a new reimbursement pilot study funded by the state of Michigan.

Care management and group therapy services are already reimbursable under Medicaid, but social and educational support services, like those offered at the CHC, have not been eligible for reimbursement. Thanks to this new grant, Priority Health will be tracking data from the 100 participant members to analyze cost savings families experience through the pilot.

Clinical studies consistently reinforce the healing power of play, yet access to play is not always easy for families with complex medical conditions. They must always isolate, much like we all have during the pandemic, making it difficult to fulfill their social-emotional needs.

The Children’s Healing Center breaks down the barriers of isolation by providing a place where families can go without the worry of germs. With hospital-grade facilities that focus on cleanliness, the Center makes play safe and fun – and that translates into fewer inpatient hospital stays and other improved outcomes.

Learn more by visiting or calling (616)-426-8366.