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Back-to-school lunch packing hacks

Featuring lifestyle expert Sherri French
Posted at 10:01 AM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 10:01:48-04

Back to School means time to start packing lunches for our kids again. Lifestyle and parenting expert Sherri French shares fun and smart ideas to pack your kids the perfect lunch without it being a stressful time.

Ice Packs – Freeze your child’s drink box or grapes and grab them in the morning. They will thaw by lunchtime. You can also soak sponges in water and place them in Ziploc bags, freeze and they are a perfect homemade ice pack.

Sushi Sandwiches – Up your sandwich game and never have a boring sandwich again. Roll out slices of bread with a rolling pin. Add your favorite lunch items, roll, and then cut!

Non-spill drink box – Kids normally take their drink box, push on it, and the juice flies everywhere. Hold up both side flaps of the box and this will stop the juice from spilling.

Packing chips or pretzels – If you want to add chips as a snack to your kid's lunch, buy a large bag and make smaller bags that are perfect for lunches. Don’t want them crushed? Once the chips are in the smaller bag, blow air into it so a cushion is created to keep them from getting smashed.

Keep apples from getting brown – Cut your apple into slices and then put the entire apple back together and secure with elastic bands. No exposed flesh which means no browning.

Use dinner leftovers – If you are grilling dinner the night before or even have regular leftovers, reuse them for your kids' lunches. Grilled chicken slices and vegetables are a perfect addition to any school lunch.

Pack the night before – Don’t have stress you don’t need. Pack everything the night before so you just have to grab and go in the morning.

To find all of these great lunch ideas head over to Sherri’s Instagram, @momhint.