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6 items new parents can't live without

Posted at 12:39 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 13:02:55-05

As a new mom, we often figure out things as we go and find the best ways to take care of ourselves as well as our newborns. Lifestyle and parenting expert, Sherri French is here today with smart ways to help new moms.

Kindred Bravely

Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra - $49.99 - available in Pink Heather, Black, and Beige | Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads - $24.99 / box

· The Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra is compatible with all breast pumps and accommodates breast sizes up to 44I

· The Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads are up to eight times more absorbent than the leading washable breast pads

· Kindred Bravely strives to bring comfort and functionality in everything that they create

· Each high-quality piece is designed by moms for moms - from the bump to the breast, and beyond.

· With everything from bras to lounge-wear, to underwear and pajamas

· Use code MOMHINT for 20% off


Yogasleep Dohm Natural White Noise Machine (Charcoal and then White with Gray, Blue, Green and Pink stripes) | Yogasleep Travel Mini - (in white and gray)

· I can’t live without Sleep - the foundation for a healthy New Year is deep natural sleep

· The Yogasleep Dohm is the modern design of the original real fan inside white noise machine - beloved by millions and millions of families since 1962

· Each has a quality seal on the bottom signed by our team member who built it.

· As families know sleep can happen anywhere so we made the Travel Mini - rechargeable, fits in the palm of your hand, 6 sounds, and a night light with three settings

·Use code MOMHINT for 15% off


Overnight Diaper Booster Pads – 32 ct. - $9.99 (newborn to size 3) | Overnight Diaper Booster Pads – 90 ct. - $29.99 (diaper size 4-6) | Overnight Diaper Booster Pads with Adhesive for Pull-On Diapers – 84 ct. - $29.99

· Created by a dad

· Winner of Good Housekeeping parenting awards

· Stop diaper leaks at night using booster pads from newborn to toddlers

· Recommended by sleep consultants

·Use code MOMHINT for 20% off


Baby Mucus + Cold Relief Day and Night Value Pack - $11-12 | 4 Kids Pain Relief - $7.99 | 4 Kids Cold & Cough Day and Night Value Pack - $11-$12

· This winter season, discover Hyland’s line of remedies for a gentler way to care for the symptoms that come along with the cold and cough.

· Hyland’s is the brand trusted since 1903 and they believe that every parent deserves to care for their children in the kindest way possible.

· That’s why all their remedies are made with gentle, natural active ingredients derived from plants, minerals and other sources free of harsh chemicals and drugs--Just gentle, natural relief

· The line includes Cough & Cold in Day or Night formulas for babies (6-24 months) and kids (2+ years) and pain relief for kids 2+ years.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon Babyblends - fresh, organic baby food starting at under $3 a puree | Little Spoon Plates - fresh, healthy toddler & big kid meals starting at under $5 a meal

· Little Spoon makes keeping your kid healthy the easiest part of your day. They’re the only brand to deliver fresh, organic and clean baby food, toddler & big kid meals RIGHT to your door anywhere in the US.

· Every recipe is developed with a team of experts to ensure your baby, toddler or big kid is getting a nutritious, balanced meal every time— one that supports their healthy development (and helps prevent picky eating in the future).

· Best part? They ship right to your door ready to eat and it's $3 or less a puree and $5 or less a big kid meal. This is the MASSIVE time saver that parents have been waiting for— a meal that's just as good as homemade and ready in seconds.

· Use code MOMHINT for a FREE week of meals


· Medical grade, natural hydration has arrived! Meet the hydration solution you feel great about giving to your kids: no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors—and formulated per hospital guidelines to rapidly restore fluids and electrolytes.

· Whether for a stomach virus, infant diarrhea, toddler vomiting, heat exhaustion, sports, recovery, or travel, Kinderlyte is the only natural solution that rehydrates 3x faster than water..

To find details on all of these great ideas head to @momhint on Instagram.