Don't talk about your diet and other Thanksgiving etiquette advice

Posted at 1:52 PM, Nov 27, 2019

You've got your Thanksgiving plans, what you'll bring or cook, but just don't forget your manners.

The worst thing you can do as a guest on Thanksgiving is show up sick, according to a survey by BJ's Wholesale Club.

People mentioned other things, like asking for food or drinks that aren't already out, showing up early or being the last one to leave, or getting too drunk.

"Manners Mentor" Maralee McKee says you should also expect to bring something.

"A lot of times a host doesn't know what to assign you because they dont' know what you're comfortable with, so when you offer to bring something, throw in a few things that you're really good at," McKee says.

Even if the host insists you don't need to bring food, don't show up empty-handed. McKee says bring a gift, or offer to help with prepping, serving or cleaning up. Or just keep the host company in the kitchen.

And don't be glued to your phone — socialize!

"In other words, go in and find the shyest person in the room and start a conversation with them," McKee says. "Offer to refill drinks when people are running low."

There's always opportunity for things to go south when heated conversations start. McKee says be the peacemaker.

"Can we just enjoy the meal without the indigestion of anything controversial?" McKee says. "We deserve it. We all deserve it."

And never complain about the food.

"You don't want to mention to everybody, 'oh no, I can't eat this because I'm gluten-free or I'm vegan,' " McKee says. "Keep your mouth closed about your diet ... It's a feast, there's something there you can eat."

Remember, it's Thanksgiving. So be thankful for the food, friends and family there.