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Nissan recalls nearly 1.9M cars for pesky hood latch problem

Posted at 4:50 AM, Jun 09, 2020

AP — Nissan is recalling nearly 1.9 million midsize cars in the U.S. and Canada to fix a latch problem that could let the hood fly open while cars are moving.

The latest recall includes cars from 2013 through 2015 that were recalled earlier.

It’s also been expanded to the 2016 through 2018 model years. Nissan says a coating can flake off the secondary hood latch.

The metal can rust and cause the secondary latch to stay open. If the main latch isn’t closed, the secondary latch may not hold the hood.

Latches were replaced in a 2016 recall but that didn't stop the problem. Nissan is developing a fix. In the meantime, Nissan says owners should lubricate secondary latches and make sure main latches are closed.