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Gov. Whitmer responds to drive-by rally at the state capitol

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Posted at 12:02 PM, Apr 17, 2020

The drive-by rallly at the state capitol in Lansing was highly publicized mainly on social media. Gov. Whitmer mentioned earlier in the week that she was all for people excersizing their right to free speech, but has been very vocal about the importance of social distancing.

FOX 17 talked with Gov. Whitmer about the turnout at the rally and why she says it may impact the stay-at-home order in the future.

"Well, i think that yesterday's event was a political rally," said Whitmer. "I know that there were some people there that came to protest the stay at home order, but the vast majority of people there were there, making political statements. Whether it was open carry people that had AR-15s that they were carrying on their bodies or it was people that were flying the confederate flag, people that were using swastikas."

Governor Whitmer also raised concern after some protesters did not stay in their cars.

"I know that this is, this was an event where people will now go back to different parts of the state, and could could actually pass COVID-19 on in a greater number," Whitmer said. " The irony the sad irony is that they were protesting the state home order. and because of their actions might make it necessary to take this posture even longer if COVID-19 continues to spread, because of this irresponsible action."