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7-year-old hosts prayer vigil, writes cards for Ukrainian kids

Posted at 10:41 PM, Mar 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-20 22:48:54-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Under a pavilion in Grand Rapids' MLK Park Sunday, dozens of local kids put marker to card, crafting a picture or some heartfelt words. Later this week, the cards will be handed off to kids thousands of miles away, those seeking refugee from Ukraine.

“They will be in the hands and preferably in the hearts of our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and/or in Romania, coming from Ukraine,” says Denise Kingdom Grier, the Mobilization Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church.

It’s a small but meaningful effort, sparked by a small girl with an immeasurable heart.

“I just want to get together and help,”7-year-old Brooklyn Eiland told her parents when she came home from school.”

“She was aware that there were people who were having injustices done to them and she told us that she wants to do something about it,” says Delwin Eiland, Brooklyn’s dad.

With the help of Grier, their church and volunteers, they worked to make Sunday happen.

“She wanted lanterns, she wanted prayers. She wanted other kids and people who cared about the same thing. She wanted to give a speech. I said, absolutely. It's my privilege to be able to do it,” Grier added.

Brooklyn gave that speech, some friends read prayer and together with their families, they held lanterns up high, a show of support for Ukrainian kids and a symbol hope both overseas and here at home.

“For her to just hear that there are people in the world that are hurting, and then have the heart to say whatever I can do, I want to do something about it. You know, it gives me hope for the future,” Delwin added.

The future burning bright like the flames in the lantern, sparked by a 7-year-old who just wanted to help.

“If you see something around the world that needs to stop, you can tell anyone you want that you trust and make something happen that will help them calm down,” Brooklyn said.