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Footage shows Rep. Lauren Boebert vaping at 'Beetlejuice' play

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was removed from a play on Sunday, and footage contradicts her camp's story on why.
Footage shows Rep. Lauren Boebert vaping at 'Beetlejuice' play
Posted at 6:19 PM, Sep 15, 2023

Newly released security video shows what led up to Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert being kicked out of a Denver theater Sunday night, and it contradicts her side of the story.

The theater had said Boebert and her companion were removed after multiple attendees complained of them vaping, singing, using their phones and causing a disturbance. But earlier this week, Boebert's campaign manager Drew Sexton had denied vaping had anything to do with her removal when he confirmed the rest of the story.

But additional footage obtained by Scripps News shows Boebert and a companion sitting in their audience seats before the "Beetlejuice" musical play was set to begin. She is then caught on camera using a vape pen and blowing smoke into the air multiple times.

She was also caught on video using her cell phone to take photos with the flash on after the house lights had been dimmed.

Initially released footage of the incident showed ushers approaching Boebert and her guest mid-performance, prompting a conversation with the theater employee before the duo were escorted out.

"They told me they would not leave. I told them that they need to leave the theater and if they do not, they will be trespassing," an usher wrote in an incident report shared with Scripps News. "The patrons said they would not leave. I told them I would [be] going to get Denver Police. They said go get them."

The usher also said he again asked the pair to leave the property while they were in the vestibule, and they responded with "stuff like 'Do you know who I am' 'I am on the board' 'I will be contacting the mayor.'"

On Tuesday, Boebert tweeted about the incident, saying she pleads "guilty to laughing and singing too loud."


In a statement, Boebert said "I genuinely did not recall vaping that evening when I discussed the night's events with my campaign team while confirming my enthusiasm for the musical. Regardless of my belief, it's clear now that was not accurate; it was not my or my campaign's intention to mislead, but we do understand the nature of how this looks."

Now in her second term in Congress, Boebert has gained notoriety for being extremely right-wing and for spreading falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election. She is running for reelection in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, which largely covers the state's western half.

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