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Fischer family has big plans for Dublin General Store

Posted at 10:30 PM, Dec 04, 2019

DUBLIN, Mich. — The Fischer family has ran the only store in town for the last three generations.

“My mother grew up in the store, I grew up in the store, my kids grew up working in the store,” owner Greg Fischer said.

Greg Fischer's grandparents owned the store back in 1936. Then, his great uncle owned it until the 60s.

Greg and his wife Bonnie run the store today.

“For Bonnie and I, it’s been our work, and our hobby, and our life,” Greg Fischer said.

Their children worked at the store their whole lives.

It's a place that means a lot to their family, and the entire Dublin community.

But on Labor Day, the Manistee County Sheriff's department says someone burned the store down.

It was a total loss.

But the Fischers have worked too hard on this store for too long to let that keep them down.

“We’re past the mourning part, and now we’re into the rebuilding stage,” Greg Fischer said.

They're rebuilding the store where the old parking lot was. It's going to have more space, new equipment and a pay respects to the original store
with a design that mimics the one the Fischers owned many years ago.

"We're only getting one shot at it," Fischer said.

The new store plans to be re-opened by spring.