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Detroit corporal worked for more than a year with suspended license

Corporal avoided ticket despite suspended license, no registration or insurance
Posted at 4:32 PM, Nov 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-03 15:06:23-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — On November 2 along Jefferson Ave. downtown, Detroit police corporal Felicia Evans was behind the wheel and off-duty when she got into car accident.

Evans wasn’t at fault, but when her fellow officers arrived to the scene, they made a surprising discovery about their colleague.

“It was determined when officers responded,” said Commander Michael McGinnis, “that the officer did have her driving privileges suspended.”

And not just recently. Corporal Felicia Evans’ driver’s license had been suspended for more than a year, dating back to August of 2022.

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According to DPD, an uninsured vehicle registered in Evans’ name had been at-fault in a prior accident. There was a court-ordered judgment stemming from a case at 36h District Court, but Evans never paid it.

The corporal isn’t your average street cop. She’s a member of DPD’s coveted tactical operations unit, which helps orchestrate visits for VIPs.

The unit arranges police escorts for the city’s sports teams and works with the Secret Service when dignitaries come to Detroit.

But in addition to a suspended license, Corporal Evans’ vehicle registration was expired and her vehicle wasn’t insured, either.

Most drivers in her shoes—with no valid license, registration or insurance—might worry they’d be arrested. In fact, until recently, DPD policy required officers with suspended licenses to be taken into custody.

But Corporal Evans wasn’t arrested on that day, nor issued a citation.

“Citizens go to jail for those kinds of things,” said Commissioner Ricardo Moore, who helps oversee the department. “They’re issued tickets for those types of things. For a Detroit Police officer to do that is definitely unbecoming.”

Commander McGinnis says arresting or ticketing a driver in Evans’ shoes is discretionary. He says average citizens have been given the same courtesy that the corporal was, and said he doesn’t believe she was given special treatment.

Still, McGinnis said he would have issued the corporal a citation.

“Accountability will be served in this case,” McGinnis said. “It may not be from (the corporal) being issued tickets. But, through the department, it will undoubtedly be served.”

Evans has been on administrative duty since the accident took place and, even though she brought her license into good standing last week, her on-duty driving privileges have been revoked as well. Her discipline is pending.

DPD adds that Evans' misconduct was reported to internal affairs by officers who responded to the scene.

Corporal Evans did not return calls from WXYZ, but said in a text message she had no comment.

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