Three arrested after domino-effect leads to additional charges, suspects

Posted at 9:57 PM, Nov 29, 2019

MORLEY, Mich. — One arrest for theft by the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Deputies lead to 2 others including traffic, more theft, and drug charges Friday.

Deputies originally went to a home looking for a man on a Retail Fraud warrant but he tried to drive off in an unregistered vehicle. He was stopped by police, adding traffic violations to the charges against him.

While at the home, police incidentally identified and detained a 2nd man who was wanted by another police agency. A tip then lead to the discovery of an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine hidden in the home before the first suspect fled, enabling police to get a search warrant for the rest of the home where they found over $1000 in stolen property.

The wife of the original suspect was also arrested for her part in the theft, and both men acquired Possession of Methamphetamine charges.

Names of each suspect will be released upon each individual’s formal arraignment.