Mom says worms found in her daughter’s Pop Tart package

Posted at 9:25 PM, Nov 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-16 21:25:57-05

FLINT, MI — A parent at a school in the Flint area is raising concerns about food sold at the school.

Chastity Mack posted photos on Facebook of what she said was a Pop Tart package her daughter bought for breakfast at New Standard Academy.

Mill worms are seen mixed with crumbs at the bottom of the packaging.

Correy Black, the principal at the charter school, posted on Facebook saying the school is “Deeply concerned about the condition of the Pop Tarts that were served.”

Black said the school gets this kind of food through the State of Michigan Commodities Program. He said they have already contacted the companies involved who are expediting changes.

“[They’re] on their way up to get everything,” he said. “Get the food and check the batches and the lots and everything and to make sure that there’s no other instances that could possibly spread to other schools.”

He said this is the first time bugs have been reported in the packaging of the school’s food and the expiration date on the Pop Tarts weren’t until January 2020.

Regardless Black said students are his number one concern.

“Rest assure that I care about every child in my building,” Black said. “I do not play when it comes to my kids and so I am taking every precautionary measure, every safe guard we can put in place to make sure something like this does not happen again.”

Black’s full written statement is below:

“Your child’s overall safety and health is of the utmost concern at The New Standard Academy. We are aware of the situation and deeply concerned about the condition of the pop tarts that were served. As soon as we received this information we stepped in and have called all of the appropriate organizations involved in the food services program. We receive this food through the State of Michigan Commodities Program today similar to every other school in Flint. We have contacted the company who caters our breakfast and lunch daily and they are expediting the process of contacting ALL stakeholders within this matter. We are moving ahead to put safeguards in place to prevent this type of issue from occurring in the future.”

Kellogg issued the following statement:

“The quality and safety of our foods are our highest priorities and we are truly sorry for what these students experienced. We are taking immediate action to remove potentially impacted food from the school and begin an investigation to determine where and how this may have occurred. We have not received any complaints of a similar nature, but we take our responsibility to our consumers very seriously.”