High school student in ICU after explosion in chemistry class

Posted at 5:24 PM, Nov 08, 2019

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — A North Carolina high school student was hospitalized after an explosion in her chemistry class Wednesday.

Aimee Green, 16, was taken to Brenner Children’s Hospital, according to Wake Forest Baptist Health spokesperson Joe McCloskey.

“Please pray for our beautiful daughter Aimee Green. She was in chemistry today, and the teacher was doing an experiment. It went badly and exploded. The explosion went right onto Aimee, and caught her hair, face, chest and arm on fire,” Aimee’s mom, Alicia Coverston Green, wrote on Facebook.

The experiment involved ethanol, alcohol and salt, Green said.

Green said her daughter was admitted to the burn ICU on Friday for fluid resuscitation, pain control and wound care.

Another student was injured but not as badly, officials with the school district said.

A licensed chemistry teacher was reportedly leading the experiment and is now suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

The teacher has been with the school since 1999.

The school district is looking to see if the safety protocols that are in place were followed.