California woman loses her mother’s wedding ring while passing out Halloween candy

Posted at 1:37 AM, Nov 03, 2019

EAST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Brynie Voiles said she had fun on Halloween passing out chips and candy to hundreds of kids in East Sacramento but when she woke up the next morning to realize her mother's wedding ring was missing from her finger.

“I happened to look at my hands and there it was, gone,” Voiles said.

Voiles spent Halloween with friends at a house on 39th Street and Folsom Boulevard. She told KTXL over a span of nearly five hours, they gave out more than a thousand bags of chips and who knows how much candy.

“We had buckets and barrels of stuff and just as fast as we could because the lines were getting bigger,” Voiles said.

During the rush, Voiles believes the cold weather caused her fingers to shrink just enough that as she put her hand in a kid’s candy bag, the ring on her finger did not come back out.

Voiles said the ring belonged to her mother. Every day since her mother died more than 20 years ago, Voiles said she has worn the ring as a reminder of their special bond.

“To have it end that way is kind of hard,” she said.

Voiles said her hope is that a parent who took their kid to the house with the pirate ship happens to see this story and maybe at the bottom of their kid’s candy bag, there will be a wide, gold wedding band.

“It doesn’t mean anything to them but it does mean a lot to me and I would love to have it back,” Voiles said. “I know the Lord, if I don’t have it, he will give me peace about it. But I just would really love to have it back."