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Flooring installer promises to refund customer once bank responds

Posted at 6:12 PM, Aug 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 18:13:03-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Flooring installer Kyle Ziegler is accused of taking money from Peggy Moore but leaving her floors as-is.

However, Ziegler said he’s now talking to his lawyer about FOX 17's coverage of the accusations. While he wrote his complaints on social media, he declined an interview today.

Moore said, "Well, there were people talking about 'maybe you should have not paid him all the money upfront.'"

She's referring to comments posted online in response to her plight with Ziegler. The project was never started, and she said she’s still without a refund nine months later. She paid him $1,800.

Ziegler, who took issue with FOX 17 over the original story, said he wasn't given enough time to respond to the allegations and gather documentation. He aired his grievances on Facebook.

On Friday, he interviewed with FOX 17 on the phone and said the following, "I didn't hear anything else in six, seven months until you called."

Despite this claim, Moore pulled up her phone records from Boost Mobile online to show her efforts to get her refund from Ziegler. As she told FOX 17, she's called him multiple times in recent months. That includes May 23.

"Where he said he had sent the check out and he would check his records to see where the check was," Moore recalled.

She didn't hear back so she called him twice on July 8.

She explained, "He picked the phone up and I said, 'Kyle, are you there?'"

Moore continued, "All of a sudden (the phone) clicked. And then I called him right back, and then I left him a message. And I said, 'I think we're going to have to take this a step further.'"

So she called the Problem Solvers, and we told her story Friday along with Ziegler's phone interview.

During that Friday interview he promised, "I'll check to see if the refund was cashed. If not, I'll issue a second check."

Monday morning, Ziegler said he called the bank and said he's still waiting to hear back on the status of that check.

Moore said it’s excuses she’s heard before without results.

"I guess he just tried to throw you off guard or tried to play with my credibility. I don't know," Moore said.

Ziegler said Huntington Bank, where he got that cashier’s check, doesn’t issue receipts. Although FOX 17 called the bank and they stated the opposite.

Huntington also said their customer service department can check whether a cashier’s check has been cashed in a matter of minutes. But Zeigler said he’s still waiting to hear back on his.

He said if it wasn’t cashed then Moore will receive her $1,800 by this Friday.