A firetruck catches fire in Texas

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-28 21:20:08-04

(CNN) — Who do you call when a firetruck catches on fire?

A fire department in Texas had to put out a fire on one of its own vehicles on Thursday after its newest firetruck became engulfed in flames.

The truck had been taken to a truck chassis manufacturer to undergo warranty work, the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

“Apparently while on a test drive by a mechanic, a tire caught fire from an as yet to be determined cause, and the vehicle sustained extensive damage,” according to the post.

The fire sparked a small grass fire, which briefly threatened six nearby mobile homes.

No fire department personnel were on board when the fire happened, and no one is believed to have been injured in the incident, the fire department said.

The truck was relatively new. It only recently went into service on June 19, and cost $347,592.

The department said it is still working to find a replacement as of Sunday. The truck is covered under a warranty.

The Snyder Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit organization composed of about 35 people that works with the city’s municipal fire department, according to its website.

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Originally Published: 28 JUL 19 17:27 ET