Lots of Sunday sunshine, lower humidity too for West Michigan

Posted at 10:23 AM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 10:23:56-04

WEST MICHIGAN– Great weather is to be expected here on Sunday across West Michigan with lots of sunshine and just passing fair-weather cumulus clouds for most of us.

A cooler and drier start to the day has been noted with temperatures beginning in the middle 60s and dew point temperatures ( a measure of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere ) in the upper 50s to lower 60s. Expect temps on the thermometer this afternoon to reach the lower half of the 80s for most locations. Marginal moisture levels closer to the Indiana state line could result in a stray shower this afternoon for someone but certainly nothing important is anticipated. Northeast or north winds will go just a bit breezy at times between 10-15 mph.

Tonight we look for a drier atmosphere to allow for more radiational cooling to occur than we have seen in quite some time. Radiational cooling refers to how far the mercury can drop in the darkness hours directly related to how dry the atmosphere is, how clear the skies are, and how light the winds are. Overnight lows are likely to fall into the upper 50s by daybreak Monday.

Beautiful weather is in store for Monday and Tuesday with high pressure in control minimizing cloud development over West Michigan. Numbers climb back into the low to mid 80s on Monday followed by an uptick on Tuesday into the mid to upper 80s by day’s end. Humidity looks to remain rather comfortable on both afternoons though a bit more humidity will try to creep in through the second half of Tuesday.

As we work into Wednesday, dew points begin to head back toward muggy territory as the next weather system approaches from the west and begins to tug more moist air northward from the southern states. Skies will see a mix of sun and clouds on Wednesday for many hours but enough sunlight will allow the warming atmosphere to register upper 80s to perhaps near 90 degree thermometer readings before all is said and done. The chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms goes up later in the day or evening as a cold front nears West Michigan.

We may linger a few showers through the first half of Thursday as the upper-level trough of low pressure associated with this system moves across the Great Lakes. Northwest winds are to be quite breezy on Thursday helping to give us one of our “cooler” days in quite some time with daytime highs perhaps not getting out of the upper 70s. Behind this system we look for sunshine and warming to occur for Friday into next weekend. Abundant sunshine on Friday helps push us back into the low 80s during the afternoon. Mostly sunny skies and southwest winds send the mercury well into the 80s to perhaps near 90 degrees for Saturday and into Sunday. This may be the beginning of a new hot and humid stretch that continues into that following workweek.