Alabama man mistakingly sent urine sample instead of the shower rings he ordered from Amazon

Posted at 8:46 AM, May 29, 2019

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. - He thought he was ordering some household goods off Amazon. Instead, what a man from Alabama got wasn't even close - he wants to know why he wassent somebody else's urine.

It started as a simple Prime order on Amazon.

"They said it'd be shipped in two different packages," he said.

Most Prime members know the free two-day shipping is a whiz.

"I got an email Thursday morning saying the package had been delivered," he said.

But the man from Tuscumbia says, in this case, the accuracy of the order likely wasn't the number one priority.

"I opened it. And when I reached in and pulled it out. Some kind of urine specimen or something like that."

It wasn't the shower curtain rings he ordered. "I was very surprised. My son was standing there watching me open it and he got a good laugh out of it."

He asked WHNT not to use his name, but the container inside the bag did include a woman's name and birthday, likely indicating it was being sent in for testing.

"They just said they were really sorry."

The man says he contacted Amazon about the mix-up where a representative told him, "we don't want it." Effectively, washing their hands of the situation, metaphorically. The good news for him, he will get his shower curtain and the rings he ordered.

"They said the shower curtain rings will be here Saturday," he said.

So, he may feel a bit flushed by the mix-up, but it's certainly not money down the toilet.

He plans to hang onto the specimen for a day to see if he's contacted to send it back. After that, he says he plans to throw it out.