Driver remains hospitalized, restaurant to reopen following high-speed crash in Wyoming

Posted at 10:19 PM, May 27, 2019

A teen driver was hurt this weekend after police say he drove his car into oncoming traffic in Wyoming, closing down a stretch of Chicago Drive for hours on Sunday.

The crash also sent one of the tires from his car through a restaurant window.

Wyoming police say the teen was critically injured and remains in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries.

Police say it was clear he was driving recklessly and it’s a miracle no one else was hurt.

Even when slowed down, newly released surveillance video from a nearby business shows just how fast the teen was reportedly going before veering into the oncoming lane and smashing into a minivan.

"Luckily there was a landscape rock there that stopped him, if it wasn’t for that he probably would have been in the building," New Beginnings Restaurant Owner Doug Kacos, said.

A rock stopped the car but a tire dislodged and went airborne smashing through the window at New Beginnings.

"One of the tires or wheels I'd imagine, flew off the vehicle and through one of the windows, broke that  and we had glass everywhere. We even had shard of glass embedded in the far wall of the dining room that was still there when i came in this morning," Kacos, added.

Kacos says it narrowly missed employees and customers.

"My head waitress Rose got up from where the two waitresses were rolling silverware and it was only minutes later  that the same booth got hit by that tire, so time was certainly on their side," Kacos, explained.

"Very scary for my staff and the customers, I feel bad both for both of them," he added.

On Monday, Kacos helped clean up the damage.

"It was just a total mess, there was glass all over everywhere and that’s what took the longest to clean up. It will be less than a thousand dollars, luckily I’m just glad everybody is okay, that was pretty scary when I got told that," Kacos, said.

Kacos says thankfully it happened right around closing time on Sunday as Sundays are typically their busiest days.

Their Wyoming location will be back open Tuesday morning.

As for the crash, no word yet on any tickets or charges.