Family who left it all to travel the world complete their journey

Posted at 4:54 PM, May 03, 2019

WEST MICHIGAN — A young family who left their jobs and sold their home to travel the world for a year are back home this week.

Ben and Kelly Lutz left their careers in the finance industry last July.  Along with their 2-year-old daughter Liesel, they have seen 37 flights, 22 countries and about 87 different cities and towns.

"A lot of people didn't understand that we were just not on vacation this year, we were plotting and planning for our future life chapters," Ben Lutz told FOX 17. "Our original goal with this whole life decision was to carve out more time and follow more true passions. We were kind of bogged down in our old careers and we didn't really love what we were doing and we said we need to make a change."

The young family decided to go now before their daughter was too old.

You can check out the family's photos and videos on the Funemployed Family Instagram page and Facebook page.

Kelly Lutz saying about her, "she ended up being a better traveler than we are, it was cool to see her go in mind wide-open, embrace everything, look at everyone the same, whether they look different or talk or eat different."

The family has been spending time during their travels considering their next career moves.

After having the chance to work with several brands and hotels along the way, Ben Lutz has decided to start a digital marketing content creation company called The Rad Nomad.  You can find out more information at their facebook page here.

He hopes to incorporate the new business in future travel.

"In this field if i can work with travel boards and tourism boards and hospitality businesses in a future destination we want to travel to, then the income still kinda rolls in," he said.

"We really encourage people to think outside the box too if they can.. It doesn't mean you need to have a round-the-world trip or change your career, even just trying something different."