Ionia students could go to school until June 19

Posted at 2:26 PM, Apr 30, 2019

IONIA, Mich. – Students in the Ionia Public School District may be going to school almost right up to the summer solstice.

According to the Ionia Public Schools News Service, Superintendent Ron Wilson told the school board Monday night that the school year could go as last as June 19.

The district used 19 snow days this year and has only had nine days forgiven. The State House has a passed bill that would allow districts with more than 14 days to add 30 minutes to each school day remaining to make up some of the time, but the Senate has not yet passed that bill. The State Senate passed a bill of their own Tuesday that waives four days. That bill is now heading to the House and could offer some relief to Ionia.

Wilson told FOX 17 on Monday that this is not only an issue of missed summer activities and hot classrooms, but also a financial one. The district could lose state aid per day for those that aren’t made up.