St. Louis infant had cocaine in his system when he died, court docs say

Posted at 5:12 AM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-16 05:12:45-04

ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating the suspicious death of a baby boy who tested positive for cocaine after he was rushed to the emergency room of the St. Louis Children's Hospital Tuesday night, according to court documents.

The 6-month-old child was in respiratory distress and suffered cardiac arrest several times before he died, according to KTVI. A urinary drug screen revealed the baby had cocaine in his system.

Police responded to St. Louis Children’s Hospital after being contacted by a concerned emergency room social worker.

The death has been labeled suspicious but the case appears more troubling after a review of court documents related to the investigation.

The infant lived with his 16-year-old mother and 41-year-old grandmother, not far from Fairgrounds Park in the 4100 block of Margaretta. The family declined to talk.

A detective stated while in the home he observed what appeared to be the infant’s room, he saw items associated with babies. But he also spotted a white powder consistent with narcotics located on top of two dressers and a glass desk, the documents show.

Police obtained a search warrant and recovered bottles, an unknown powder, bedding, a bowl, and bloody wipes.

The police investigation also revealed that another couple rents a room inside the home. Documents indicate the grandmother’s boyfriend also lives there. A 4-year-old lived there too. Police said the 4-year-old was doing well.

No one has been charged with any crimes.