Afternoon mixed showers Sunday and Monday

Posted at 8:19 AM, Mar 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-17 09:15:46-04

WEST MICHIGAN — Overall, the weather pattern looks pretty quiet today and for the week ahead. We do have a minor area of low pressure passing to our south today, producing some rain and snow showers in neighboring states to our south. This system is expected to stay to our south today, as we will see partial sunshine. Here’s a look at the surface map showing the position of that low as of this writing:

So although we won’t see the steadier snow showers that they’re getting to our south, we still have an opportunity to pick up some brief showers of rain, snow, and/or graupel (which looks similar to sleet or an ice pellet) this afternoon. That’s because a cold pocket of air aloft is moving across the Great Lakes. The heating of the afternoon with a higher March sun angle will interact with the colder air aloft, bringing some of these mixed showers to the area. Future Track HD picks up on some of this activity later today:

Although our model doesn’t show much, there will probably be a little more to these mixed showers than it suggests.

Likewise for tomorrow, afternoon mixed showers are possible even though Future Track HD only shows increasing afternoon clouds:

The weather pattern will change for Tuesday as more stable air returns to the area, allowing for dry conditions and slightly warmer temperatures. Although there is another chance of rain and snow on Wednesday, most of the week looks pretty tranquil with a slow warming trend. Be sure to stay tuned to FOX 17 for further updates!