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3 easy DIY projects to organize your bathroom

Posted at 12:43 PM, Jan 23, 2019

Glass Jars for Storage

Old glass jars can easily be reused to organize almost anything - pantry items, craft supplies, bathroom odds and ends.  Includes how to cut those screws on the knobs so they fit properly.

Before throwing out those salsa or spaghetti sauce jars in the recycling, check out this clever idea! Clean off the labels, paint the lids and either screw or hot glue a drawer know on the top. Voila! Now you have some cute bathroom storage for things like Q-tips, bobby pins, and beyond.

Bath Toy Baskets

Your kids will remember to flush AND wash their hands in a bathroom like this...maybe.

The bathroom bag used for all the kids' bath toys is always falling down. So why not get an extra tension rod, small baskets from the Dollar Store,and some shower hooks to create a more sturdy storage space.

Hair Tie Hanger

hair ties organized on a caribeaner

Need a hair tie? Can't find one? Keep them all together with a Caribeaner!