Brutal cold this morning – Muskegon sets new record low

Posted at 11:52 AM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 12:29:12-05

WEST MICHIGAN -- Winter is making its way back into the area with a vengeance, after a mild December and first half of January. Virtually all of the FOX 17 viewing area dealt with sub-zero temperatures Monday morning, and wind chills were cold enough to close a number of schools for the day. Here is a look at some low temperatures from this morning:

(This above report came out from the National Weather Service (NWS) at around 9:00 this morning, so the high temperatures will be updated later this afternoon.) One can clearly see how big of a deal the overnight lows were. In fact, the -12° low in Muskegon shattered a record for the date:

We also had several reports come in from viewers via car thermometers, and back yard thermometers like this one from Robert Day in Coldwater, MI:

Wind chills were, of course, even lower than this. We had reports in the -20s at a number of locations across West Michigan. Here is a sampling of some of last night's minimum wind chills from across the area:

It's hard to believe, but two years ago in Grand Rapids we had a record high temperature of 61°! We won't get that mild in the 7-day forecast, but a brief warm-up is on the way on Tuesday into Wednesday. Temperatures will likely get a bit above freezing, with snow changing to a wintry mix, and eventually to all rain. Here's a look at the 7-day forecast, that also includes another blast of cold air with some heavy lake effect snow possible over the weekend. Stay tuned to FOX 17 for updates!