Checking in with local family who sold everything to travel

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jan 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-16 16:12:53-04

WEST MICHIGAN -- A local family that quit their jobs and sold their house last year are about halfway through their planned year-long trip around the world.

Kelly and Ben Lutz

Ben and Kelly Lutz kicked off their whirlwind adventure back in August of last year.  Along with their now 2-year-old Liesel, the family kicked off their journey to become "funemployed" travelers.

FOX 17 spoke to the Lutz family back in July before they set off on their trip.  Checking back in with them, Ben and Kelly share a few of the things they have learned about living an everyday-is-vacation lifestyle while trying to build a new travel-based business.

"I would say the biggest thing has just been, we are trying to balance enjoying this time, bonding, with building up some sort of business, and we're still kinda on the fence as to what that is," Ben tells us.  "I think we kinda are on this cusp where do we want to keep really pushing hard on social media or take our energy elsewhere. but so far so good."

The family has been posting a steady stream of social media posts, podcasts and youtube videos in an effort to build a brand that will eventually translate to a viable business once their travels wrap up.

You can check out the family's photos and videos on the Funemployed Family Instagram page and Facebook page.

"Kelly came up with this idea to talk through some of the questions we get asked the most, like most often is budgeting, like, How are we paying for this? Is it long-term sustainable? Are we working right now? Are we using our savings? How are we doing it?  So, she put together this 'travel tips Tuesday'," Ben said about their business aspirations.

The couple says it has been a learning process figuring out how to best make their money last and sustain their trip for as long as possible.

Ben tells us of their current status, "I would say we are a tad bit overspending our run rate a tad. So we're trying to pair back here and there and maybe alter some of our destinations to stretch our dollar as far as we can."

Gradually adapting as a young family to what it means to flip your world on it's head in the interest of living a fulfilling life.

"I just feel so happy to help people who are contemplating a decision like this."