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Hudsonville dentist now author of new book

Posted at 8:40 AM, Jan 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-16 08:56:30-05

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. -- A West Michigan dentist is now an author of his book.

Dr. Bradley A. Dykstra DDS, MBA of Hudsonville Dental, has released his new book called Gateway To Your Body: How Your Smile Impacts Your Overall Health, where he addresses the critical role oral health plays in our bodies, the way they function and how they age.

The book touches on three main categories:

The Importance of Oral Health on Your Overall Health

  • "The mouth is not separate from the rest of your body. It's part of the larger system, so whatever is happening in your body will be reflected in your oral health, and vice versa."
  • "Dental health is comprised of more than just keeping your teeth clean. In fact, the health of your mouth is key to your overall health, energy, and ultimately, how you'll age."

The Opportunity Cost of Neglecting Your Dental Health

  • "Have you ever worn down your tires and gotten a flat? If so, what did you do? Did you go to the mechanic and ask for a patch, or did you get a new tire? A lot of us have opted for the patch. Eventually we have to get that new tire. Just like tires your teeth bear much of the brunt of your lifestyle. Patching your problem ultimately ends up costing you more than getting it right the first time."
  • "How, then, can we be proactive about dental health? With two simple initial investments: 1. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day. 2. Visiting your dentist at least twice a year."
Dental Expectations At Every Age 
  • Ages 0-6: Our Hudsonville Dental Kids Doctors recommend seeing a Pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth comes in. Important to teach proper tooth brushing.
  •  Ages 7-9: First orthodontic visit, help establish proper eating habits (avoiding sugary drinks and foods), and applying dental sealants.
  • Pre-Teens & Teenagers: Reinforcing proper eating habits & greater likelihood of cavities.
  • Ages 20-39: Increased risk for gingivitis, risk of TMJ pain, and stress impacts on oral health (tooth grinding & cracked teeth).
  • Ages 40-59: Increased risk of periodontal disease, old cavities may have to be crowned or the tooth removed/replaced, increased risk of obtrusive sleep apnea, and maintaining preventive dental care.
  • Ages 60+: risk of cavities and tooth loss increases, risk of gum recession, risk of dry mouth, reapplying fluoride varnish, dental implants and dentures, impact of osteoporosis on oral health, and watching out for signs of oral cancer.

To request a free copy of the book, click here.