80-year-old woman sexually assaulted in rehab facility, family says

Posted at 1:47 PM, Dec 31, 2018

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An 80-year-old mother is in the hospital after a possible sexual assault in a rehab facility. Memphis police are investigating evidence uncovered when the family became suspicious.

The family went to visit the woman last week and noticed she was acting strangely. She was then taken to the Methodist Hospital where the family received devastating news.

Tony Jefferson says his mother was hospitalized after she was showing signs of suffering from some sort of trauma.

"She's saying 'uh uhn' and 'stop' in her sleep," he told WREG.

This was the second time Jefferson's mother had been a patient at a rehabilitation facility in Memphis. She was getting help gaining strength back in her leg.

Recently, when Jefferson's brother went to visit her, he noticed she wasn't her normal upbeat, laughing, talking self.

"Her room is one room from the nurses station, so that really had me puzzled like, are they doing their jobs?" Jefferson said.

Jefferson said his family alerted the staff, and his mother was taken to Methodist Hospital. And they then learned some terrible news.

"They came and performed a rape kit," he said. "They said she was sexually assaulted."

No charges have yet been filed, so WREG is not naming the facility. When contacted, the facility said no managers were available.

Memphis police are still investigating the case, and records show it has been reported to the Elder Abuse Unit.

Jefferson said his mother is getting better, and his family surrounded her with love during the holidays.