City of Battle Creek not worried about job cuts at Kellogg’s

Posted at 6:31 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 18:33:15-05

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Monday afternoon, Kellogg’s announced that they will cut 30 jobs due to an organizational restructuring at its headquarters. Minutes later, the City of Battle Creek released a statement saying that while it was difficult to hear the news,  the “impact locally would be minimal.”

“I think people are really still positive about Battle Creek,”  said City Manager Rebecca Fleury during an interview at City Hall. “We know that in economic development there are ebbs and flows in businesses. And we’re seeing that right now, ups and downs.”

Kellogg’s also stated that they’re looking to sell brands like Keebler and Famous Amos. If that should happen, then upwards of 60 positions could be terminated beginning in January. These proposed cuts would add to the 223 jobs that were slashed at their Battle Creek factory earlier this year.

“Job loss is never a good thing because that affects families,” Fleury said. “We don’t know if those are families that live in Battle Creek or they just work in Battle Creek.”

Fleury said Kellogg’s decisions to downsize does not halt the city’s plans for economic growth. With Heritage Tower undergoing a $30,000,000 renovation and New Holland Brewing scheduled to open in 2019, city officials are expecting for millions of dollars and commerce to be  brought back into the city.

“I think we have some good things going for us,” Fleury said. “We’re going to try to focus on the positive.”

Fleury is hoping residents will join them in remaining positive, she said. Battle Creek is determined to help anyone affected by the cuts.

“What Battle Creek has proven, when we get job additions and job losses, [is that] we’re a community that surrounds any families or persons that might be affected,” Fleury said. “My  call to action for Battle Creek is that if you know somebody that’s affected by this, how can we help them.”