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The comeback story of Carson City football

Posted at 11:38 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 23:38:56-04

CARSON CITY, Mich. -- Carson City football rebooted in 2017, after a couple of down years and Tim Stout took over as head coach.

"I was hired last season and kinda went back to what we have been in the past, which was more of a running game instead of a spread team," Stout said. "And they kinda picked it right back up."

Running the show was another Stout, as his son Drew led the state in rushing yards last season.

"I look back on it, and I think I wouldn’t ever want to have another coach other than my dad," Drew smiled. "I agree with everything that he does, so it’s great.”

Unfortunately, Carson City's comeback season was cut short when they fell to Breckenridge by one point last year and missed the playoffs by one win.

“It hurt really bad," senior running back Drew Stout recalls, "I mean, to know that we were a two-point conversion away from winning that game and having it called back on something that not a lot of us agree on around here. It hurt really bad, and this year we’re hoping we’ll change that.”

So this year is all about perseverance. With just 19 players on their team, Carson City is 6-0 already, and this week they'll get a shot at redemption, facing Breckenridge (6-0) again.

“Going 6-0 and punching your playoff ticket after six weeks isn’t a terrible thing with our game coming up this week against Breckenridge, who’s also 6-0, which is for the league title," Coach Stout admitted. "So, being able to punch that ticket and get that out of the way, one less distraction for a big week ahead of us isn’t a terrible issue.”