Thousands of dollars paid for metal roof, incomplete months later

Posted at 8:40 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 20:40:39-04

HOLLAND, Mich. -- Genevieve Jackson wanted a metal roof on a porch area of her home, but she says the company she hired, Infinity Home Improvement, only did part of the job.

Jackson said the contract she signed with the company clearly states roof work to be done. Despite that, the job is still incomplete months later.

Jackson said she last talked to the company in June. "They said they'd call me back in two-and-a-half weeks and would fix the roof, and I haven't heard a word since," she said.

Jackson said she paid Infinity half the estimate up front in May. The total estimate was $2,094.

"After I seen the roof, I called the office the next morning, and I said, 'I'm not satisfied with this, and I don't think I should have to pay until the roof is done.'" She says the company had only done work on the peak.

Jackson said the company charged her credit card for the rest of the amount despite not having put down metal shingles, but she said the bank reversed the charge.

"They only done the peak! What was all the hammering about? Well, they put a big patch on the roof," she stated.

Jackson said they re-shingled part of the porch roof, but it wasn't metal. She said she's called several times, including the June 19 phone call, when Infinity promised to call back and schedule a time to do the work.

So the Problem Solvers called Infinity, and a company representative said there was a miscommunication between the salesman and Jackson. The representative said the $2,094 estimate was just for the peak and not the entire porch section.

Jackson showed FOX 17 the contract and the specifics of the estimate. The company representative told FOX 17 Infinity will have the job done by Friday, Sept. 7.

"I appreciate it very much. Thank you," Jackson said.

An Infinity representative admitted the company failed to return Jackson's calls.