Hit and run crash knocks out power to Jenison residents; driver identified

Posted at 4:15 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 17:46:16-04

JENISON, Mich. -- A hit and run crash on Baldwin Street in Jenison left several homes without power Friday. Witnesses say they believe the driver may have been drunk when he drove onto the sidewalk, knocking down power lines.

It was almost midnight on Thursday when Finn Marcks says his quiet night playing video games became chaotic. A gray Mazda went onto the sidewalk of Baldwin Street, knocking down the power line near his parents' home.

"He splintered this pole across the road and into the driveway," Marcks said. "It was a mess, there were live wires right across the road right here."

As residents began to come out of their homes, the driver took off.

"He just drove off," Marcks said. "Like I was telling people if you see someone who is missing their grill on their truck or their car, like it's silver, give them a piece of our mind."

Homes in the area were out of power for about 12 hours Friday. Now residents are just hoping police find the driver.

"I just really wish this guy could get some sort of like ticket or something because that is just... he could've literally killed somebody," Marcks said.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office says they located the suspect's vehicle at a residence in Jenison from a tip from a resident.  The suspect has been identified, but charges against him are still pending.