Honoring Native American culture at weekend event in Hopkins

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jul 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-14 23:36:47-04

HOPKINS, Mich. -- It was a special celebration held  in West Michigan over the weekend. The event honored Native American culture and hundreds of people turned out for the festivities.

Some people traveled from Wisconsin and Minnesota to partake in the celebration in Hopkins on Saturday.

“My favorite part is meeting new people, experiencing and allowing them to enjoy the lens on how we see things, our circle, our colors, our people,” said Phyllis Davis.

The celebration was a way to share, welcoming everyone in a unique way.

“They come here and they get to enjoy getting to know who we are, getting to share a food and a meal with them, and having a one and one conversation with them and teaching them about the Pottawatomi culture.”

Much of their attire was homemade.

“A lot of colors, patterns, are either handed down by family, generation to generation," said Davis."Or they’re achieved through dreaming, when people are wanting to have something really ceremonial, special to them.”