Electric Forest Staff Still Cleaning Up Mess

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 17:19:59-04

ROTHBURY, Mich.--The two weekend party in Rothbury may be over... but cleanup work is still going strong.

The Electric Forest festival wrapped up last weekend, but staff is still hard at work. It's an annual event that draws thousands, and with those thousands, comes a pretty big mess to clean up afterwards. A job that still isn't done, a week after festivities wrapped up.

Tons of trash remains weeks after the partygoers have gone home, but between the camping and dancing in the sun a message to keep it clean may have gotten lost.

"Now that the people are gone there's just a lot of debris everywhere I see crews picking it up. But, It's a big task," says Randy Smith, Rothbury resident.

For the people who live nearby the time it takes to clean up after the festival isn't anything new.

"We see it every year. It's out there for weeks more this year than normally and it's just a nuisance and it smells sometimes when you get to it," says John Turpin, Rothbury resident.

Neighbors we spoke with say the cleanup can last weeks.

"We saw crews last night they were actually even working on the Fourth of July down here picking stuff up and tearing things a part," says Smith.

Within time the Double JJ Resort, once crawling with thousands of festival goers, then trash, will be clean and back in shape in just a few weeks.

"Well there is a lot of trash...there is a lot of trash on the grounds and you know a whole weeks worth of campers and they clean it up. Give it a week there won't be so much as a cigarette butt out in any of those fields," says Holly Hallack, Double JJ Resort employee.

Clean up of the camp grounds is left up to Electric Forest staff not the double JJ Resort.
I reached out to the Electric Forest PR team but haven't heard back yet.