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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for June 22

Posted at 10:49 AM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 10:49:57-04

1. A major change is coming to ArtPrize, it's not going to happen every year anymore.

On Thursday officials announced that after 2018, ArtPrize will happen every other year instead of being an annual event.

During the "off" years, people can enjoy something called "Project 1 By ArtPrize." Officials described it as a large scale public art exhibition that'll be held in the fall. Then, the ArtPrize competition will return in 2020.

It's important to note that "Project 1" won't be a competition, ArtPrize officials will just commission art for the public to enjoy. It'll feature either a single artist or a small group.

This year, ArtPrize is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

2. Officials along the lakeshore unveiled a new and improved waterfront stadium at a ribbon cutting ceremony this week.

The stadium sits along the Grand River in Grand Haven.

It's now been named after Lynn Sherwood, a local donor who passed away in 2016. She believed the city needed an updated outdoor venue, and when she died, she left $3 million for improvements to the stadium.

The changes include more green space, an area for live music, an ice rink, fire pits, and LED lights.

3. For the second year in a row, Bell's Brewery has ranked number one on the list of "Best Beers in America."

Readers of the American Home Brew Association's Zymurgy, voted that Bell's Two Hearted Ale to be the number one "2018 Best Beer In America."

Bell's was also ranked the Top Brewery in America.

The list is based on the magazine's readers, who were asked to share their favorite beers that are commercially available in the United States.

4. It's about to get more expensive to shop online, the Supreme Court just ruled that states can collect taxes from online retailers, even if those retailers are out of state.

While it's not the best news for consumers, it's good for cash-strapped states.

The general accountability office said that last year states missed out on more than $13 billion in additional tax income from online sales.

5. Looking to get a good deal on flip flops? Old Navy's One Dolla Holla Sale is on Saturday.

Most flip flops will cost $1 a pair, compared to the usual price of $4 each.

Customers can purchase up to 10 pairs per person.

The sale is only occurring in stores, not online.