Teens reportedly steal limousine near East Nashville Airbnb

Posted at 12:44 PM, May 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-27 12:44:52-04

NASHVILLE (CNN) — Several teenagers stole a limousine from a Mt. Juliet-based driver after he arrived at an East Nashville Airbnb Monday night.

“The limo is my livelihood, so it was absolutely terrifying,” said Patrick Kludac, owner of Prime Time Limo Nashville. “It was like everything I’ve ever worked for just driving away, which just killed me inside.”

Kludac said he walked to the Airbnb’s front door to knock and let his customers know he had arrived, but when he turned around, the limo was driving away.

Police spotted the vehicle cruising around downtown Nashville about two hours later.

“They followed them, but unfortunately they couldn’t pull them over,” Kludac said. “They didn’t want to start a chase and put anyone’s life in danger.”

Officers later found the thieves and the vehicle in Dickson. Three teenagers were arrested, but Kludac had to pay $525 to get his vehicle out of impound. That’s when he realized the inside was trashed.

“It was covered in ash from what appears to be marijuana,” Kludac said. “And they definitely damaged a whole bunch of stuff on the inside by trying to take stereo equipment out.”

Luckily, Kludac was able to repair most of the damage himself, and he’s now back in business. But he said the experience will change how he interacts with clients.

“I will probably stick by the limo instead and just call the clients and have them come out,” he said. “It’s really a shame that I have to worry about it instead of picking up clients in a way a normal chauffeur should.”

Additionally, the teens stole Kludac’s credit cards, ID, and garage opener, which are still missing, leading him to believe more people are involved than the three teens police arrested.

Police have not released the names of the juveniles responsible.