CMU officials update events that led to suspect’s arrest

Posted at 11:57 AM, Mar 03, 2018

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — Authorities, after nearly 16 hours of searching, apprehended James Eric Davis, Jr. around 12:15 a.m. near the railroad tack north of Bellows Road in Mount Pleasant, after receiving a tip from a railroad operator.

The hunt for Davis, Jr. began after he reportedly shot and killed his parents James Davis, Sr. and Diva Davis at his dorm at Central Michigan University.

In a press conference held Saturday morning, officials said that Davis, Jr.’s parents had come to the university to bring Davis, Jr. home for spring break.

While Davis Sr. and Diva Davis were inside their son’s dorm room, Davis, Jr. was caught on camera going down to the parking lot and coming back into the building with a visible fire arm.

The firearm was recovered at the scene and was registered to Davis, Sr. according to Central Michigan University Police Chief William Yeagley.

Officials during the press conference reviewed the timeline of events leading up to the fatal incident.

Thursday night Davis, Jr. reported to his dorm’s assigned police officer that he was scared and threatened by an individual.  Davis, Jr. also told the officer he feared that suspect had a gun.

The officer made a report to the department, Chief Yeagley stated, and the department investigated the claim.

During that investigation authorities said Davis, Jr. seemed confused and didn’t make sense. Police questioned the individual Davis, Jr. claimed had a weapon, but Chief Yeagley said that as the information wasn’t adding up.

Around 1:15 a.m. Friday, an officer came across Davis, Jr. with packed bags and suitcases, Chief Yeagley said.  Davis, Jr. seemed to be confused and wasn’t making sense, so the officer had Davis, Jr. contact his parents.

The officer then spoke with Diva Davis about his concerns that Davis, Jr. might be using drugs, Diva Davis relayed her same fears to the officer as Davis, Jr. had a history with drug use.

Davis, Jr. was transported to the hospital to get checked out and according to Chief Yeagley Davis, Jr. remained in the hospital until his parents picked him up Friday morning.

The family returned to the dorms and appeared to be packing up Davis, Jr.’s things when the incident occurred.  Surveillance video revealed Davis, Jr. entering the building with the fire arm and then fleeing the scene.

Davis, Jr. was caught on tape heading towards nearby railroad tracks and police are still investigating where Davis, Jr. was from the time he fled the dorm until he was apprehended on Bellows Road.

When Davis, Jr. was finally apprehended by officers, he was transported to the hospital as he was showing signs of hypothermia and was still acting confused.

Davis, Jr. remains in the hospital and law enforcement is working with medical professionals to determine when Davis, Jr. will be able to be transported to Isabella County Jail.

The incident is still under investigation and no court hearings have been scheduled at this time.