Olympic results – Men’s Moguls and Mixed Doubles Curling

Posted at 9:12 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 09:12:08-05

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(AP) Canada’s Mikael Kingsbury has stormed his way to Olympic gold in men’s moguls, filling the one hole in his resume with a dynamic performance in the final round.

The six-time world champion and silver medalist in Sochi four years ago posted a score of 86.63, the best of any in the three elimination rounds. His victory gives Canada its third straight Olympic gold in men’s moguls.

Matt Graham of Australia took silver, with Daichi Hara of Japan earning bronze.

A rare wobble in the 2014 Olympic finals cost Kingsbury the top spot on the podium. There were no mistakes in Pyeongchang. The 25-year-old from Quebec celebrated with a fist pump following his electric winning run at frigid Phoenix Snow Park.

(AP) Switzerland will compete for an Olympic gold medal against Canada after beating a team of Russian athletes in the mixed doubles curling semifinal.

Switzerland’s 7-5 victory on Monday means they will go home with at least a silver medal in Tuesday night’s match-up against Canada.

The Russian athletes will play Norway for the bronze medal Tuesday morning.

The Russians blew their chance to tie the game in the final round of play when they threw their last stone too hard, missing the target.

Swiss curler Jenny Perret blinked back tears after the victory, dubbing her chance at a gold medal “unbelievable.”