Board decides cat can’t stay in Michigan public library

Posted at 6:16 AM, Feb 11, 2018

LYONS, Mich. (AP) — Officials in a central Michigan community have said no to allowing a cat to stay in the public library.

The Sentinel-Standard of Ionia reports the Lyons Township District Library Board of Directors recently reached its decision on the gray and white cat, known as Aww Kitty.

The board had decided in December that the cat would have to leave the Lyons Public Library because some patrons are allergic, but local residents last month asked the board to reconsider.

Aww Kitty was a stray before she came to the library about 2½ years ago. She became the library’s unofficial mascot and a sort of therapy cat. Donations from library patrons paid for her expenses, including food and veterinarian costs. She now is living at another home.