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Spend once, give twice to those in need with World Vision Gifts

Posted at 11:48 AM, Dec 07, 2017

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Give back to someone in need living outside of the United States and in poverty by donating to World Vision.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that provides long-term solutions to poverty, emergency humanitarian assistance and advocates on behalf of the poor. World Vision works in nearly 100 countries including the U.S.

The way it works is that donors can look through the World Vision Gift Catalog and pick a gift. The catalog features goats and over 100 other life-saving gifts that help families live better lives:

  • One goat can help lift a family out of poverty by providing life-saving nutrients for their children and a source of income often for ten years or more.
  • One healthy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day.
  • Families can sell the surplus milk, yogurt and cheese to buy essentials like medicine and school supplies for their children.
  • A healthy goat can produce 2 offspring a year which are often shared with neighbors making a better life for the whole village  .
  • Goats also provide rich fertilizer for a family’s garden.

The best part is these gifts aren't expensive; gifts range from $16 to $50,000. Donors can give the gift in the name of a loved one and then choose to send them a personalized card describing their gift and how it will change a life.

Shoppers can also benefit from "shop once, give twice"by selecting a gift to go along with their donation. When shoppers make a donation to help where it is needed most at World Vision they can select from a variety of handcrafted gifts such as jewelry, scarves, coffee and coasters as a memento.

To look at the World Vision's Gift Catalog and donate, visit or call 1-855-WV-GIFTS.