Purely: a site for kids to make money selling their artwork

Posted at 1:48 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 13:48:48-05

GRAND RAPDIS, Mich. -- A team made up of a mother and her daughter are looking to change the way kids can share their artwork.

West Michigan-native Jill Hulwist and her mother Katherine Mullen began Purely in early 2017.

Hulwist spoke to FOX 17 about the concept, “the idea was born because I’m a mom and I have 3 kids and their art covers our refrigerator and our bulletin board, and is stuffed in every nook and cranny in our house, but some of it’s really good, so I just felt like there has to be something big and better to do with it, so purely was born."

Purely is a website started with the intention of creating a platform where young artists can sell their work.  Kids can apply to become part of the site and then upload their artwork to be put onto different items which people can then purchase.

Young artists that sell work on the site end up getting eight percent of the sale price.  Purely sends out checks to the artists on a monthly basis.