Hundreds of trees at Michigan farm shipped to military families in Florida

Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 27, 2017

GOBLES, Mich. -- Dozens of volunteers in Gobles shipped around 700 trees at Wahmhoff Farms to military families in Florida on Monday.

“It’s one of those good goosebumps days," said Army veteran Bruce Binns. "Where you just feel really good about everyone doing good together.”

Binns helped load up Christmas trees collected from Michigan growers across the state that are being donated to military families in Florida.

"A lot of people are coming together to make Christmas happy for a lot of people," said Binns.

It's been an annual event at Wahmhoff Farms, but volunteers said it continues to grow.

“This is really great," said Navy veteran James Addessi. "It’s getting bigger every year.”

It's not only a way to show appreciation for active military members and their families, but it can also save them some cash.

"Wonderful, because I know how expensive they are down there," said Addessi. "Really, really expensive.”

Binns said he's thankful there were people from all branches of the military at the event to show support.

"I have a special bond to my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces," said Binns. "I consider myself to be a solider at heart. The bonds are very close and we look out for each other.”