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Problem Solved: Painter returns money for unfinished job

Posted at 11:42 PM, Nov 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-26 23:42:14-05

HUDSONVILLE, Mich--  It's problem solved for a couple in Hudsonville, who paid thousands of dollars several months ago for an incomplete paint job.

Homeowner Pam Diekevers told the FOX 17 Problem Solvers she paid Brent Stevens $3,000 back in July to do some painting inside her home. But after just one day of work, she said she was having a difficult time getting in touch with Stevens, and that her walls were left undone.

All parties agree, Stevens had to take a break because a contractor needed to install trim. But Diekevers says after the trim was in place, Stevens only gave her various excuses as to why he couldn't return over the past several months. She then demanded her money back.

Just one day after our original story aired, Stevens gave Darren Cunningham a $3,000 check for the Diekevers.

"I apologize for the whole situation. I want to make things right," said Stevens. "It's kind of unfortunate because I go above and beyond to make every single customer happy that we do work for."

When we delivered the check, the Diekevers didn't see it coming.

"I am so thankful. I can't believe he gave it all back," said Pam Diekevers

"I thought we were gonna have to take it to small claims court and go that route," said Gary Diekevers. "[You] helped us tremendously."

One mistake the couple did make in this instance is paying for an entire job up front. That's something the Better Business Bureau says never to do.