New app tells you if your local McDonald’s ice cream machine is down

Posted at 12:04 PM, Nov 10, 2017

Does the ice cream machine at your local McDonald’s always seem to be malfunctioning? According to the Internet and its abundance of memes, you’re not alone.

Someone was so frustrated with her inability to score the sweet treat that she decided to create an app to save people the trouble, Time reports.

The app, called Ice Check, allows people to search their nearest McDonald’s restaurant and view the status of its ice cream machine in real time before they pull up to the drive through and end up disappointed.

Raina McLeod, the creator of Ice Check, told BuzzFeed that she came up with the idea about a year ago “after a late night Oreo McFlurry craving went unfulfilled due to the ice cream machine being down.”

So how does it work?

If the icon is gray, the ice cream machine at that location is down; if it’s pink, it works. McLeod ever-so-kindly made the app interactive by allowing people to change the status to “off” if the machine is broken.

Ice Check is available for Apple iOS devices (sorry, Android users). Click here to download the app.