Local organization seeking financial help for dog found in dumpster

Posted at 8:57 PM, Oct 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 14:18:43-04

ALLEGAN, Mich. -- A local animal rescue needs your help after a dog was found in a dumpster in West Michigan.

He was lovingly named "Oscar" in honor of the Sesame Street character and now their focus is getting him healthy and finding him a forever home.

One phone call is all it took for Cari Shipalia.

"When we got him, the tail was tucked between his legs," said Shipalia.  "He was really scared, [and] not sure what was going on.”

Oscar was found in a dumpster, starving and was suffering from a skin infection. The people who found him knew Cari and Luvnpupz were the ones to call.

Oscar was placed under quarantine, received  medicine and lots of food to get the healing process underway.

“He’s being taken care of now," according to Shipalia. "He’s less red, he’s not been in pain, he’s in good spirits now, and his favorite thing to do is just to see people," she added.

And of course he's getting lots of love.

“I do let him cuddle up on me because it’s really all he wants.”

Shipalia said this isn't the first  time they've seen a case like this. You might remember, Stinger, the dog Luvnpupztook in after he was stung by bees and abandoned by his owners. He soon developed an auto immune disorder so severe that he can't be adopted out.

Caregivers are hoping Oscar doesn't follow down a similar path.

"We hope he’ll be available for adoption," said Shipalia. "We hope we don’t have another Stinger on our hands where something else is caused by this and he’s unable to be adopted due to medical costs of care for life.”

Shipalia said she also doesn't know where Oscar came from.

“I would hope that he was just outside running like this for a long time, that’s what I would hope -- not that someone allowed this and put him in the dumpster.”

The important thing is Oscar is getting the care that he needs.

Shipalia said there's always help available and this serves as a lesson to people.

“Don’t leave them somewhere. Please just seek help. Ask a rescue. Ask a friend [or] go to a vet. Do something, but don’t do nothing. and please, for God sake, don’t put him in the dumpster. There’s too many people that will help."

If you would like to help with Oscar's medical costs, you can call the Allegan Veterinary Clinic and pay directly towards his bill or donate to Luvnpupz by clicking here.