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Dr. Bitner discusses vaccinations

Posted at 11:36 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 11:36:29-04

Vaccination is a hot topic among parents, asking themselves whether or not it's safe to get a vaccine for their children or themselves. When people don't know the cost, reasons or benefits of receiving an important vaccine, it stops them from receiving that lifesaving preventative vaccine.

Nationally recognized menopause specialist Dr. Diana Bitner discusses her thoughts on vaccinations, and how they can help prevent multiple illnesses.

Dr. Bitner says vaccinations protect individuals and the community from illness and death from common infectious diseases; when patients get their vaccines, it can prevent suffering from a disease later on.

Vaccines are available for the following diseases and can be prevented by a vaccine according to Dr. Bitner:

Hepatitis A & B

Hepatitis A and B cause viral liver disease which can be prevented by a vaccine. Hepatitis A is recommended for people who travel to locations with at least moderate risk, all children older than one year, men who have sex with men, and people with chronic liver disease.

Hepatitis B is recommended for all healthcare workers, people with kidney disease and diabetes, and people with more than one sexual partner in 6 months and with illicit drug use.


Influenza vaccines are recommended yearly and the vaccine changes using predictions about which virus will be most prevalent. It is recommended for children over six months, healthcare workers, elderly adults and people with chronic illness, and the recombinant has no egg protein.


Pneumococcal vaccine is recommended to prevent streptococcal pneumonia which causes severe illness, and is recommended for adults over 65, and younger adults who are at risk or are immunocompromised.


Zoster vaccine prevents shingles, and is recommended for adults over 60, and approved for adults over 50 with chronic medical problems.


HPV vaccines are the most important for women. The HPV vaccine can help prevent cervical cancer, anal cancer, and throat caner. HPV is not a disease to be associated with having multiple sexual partners, it can be just bad luck from one partner years ago.

There are three vaccines available, with the three dose series starting at age 10-11 in boys and in girls up to 26 years old. These shots are covered by most insurance policies.

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