Farm to Fork: A new fresh beef delivery service

Posted at 4:53 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 17:12:53-04

WEST MICHIGAN - Farm to table is a concept many restaurants and family shoppers focus on when it comes to fresh food. One Hopkins farm is giving West Michigan families a new delivery service for fresh beef.

Schaendorf Cattle Company just started delivering their beef nationally across the continental US this past spring and kicked off their farm to fork services locally last month.

SCC expanded into the beef side of the cattle industry last year.

Steak, burgers, ground beef and much more can now be delivered right to your front door throughout the surrounding communities near Grand Rapids. Co-owner Ben Schaendorf knows it’s all about how the cows are treated to ensure a good product.

"Our big difference would have to be our barn and our facility and the low stress environment our cows are in. They are literally happy cows," said Schaendorf.

Happy cows in a cool and covered barn with a dry place to lay and proper food to eat. Once a month a nutritionist checks the cows to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrients in their grain and forages mixture. The cows grow naturally without any hormones into full size cattle.

With a few simple clicks online a local customer can order a variety of different meats and have it arrive at their house by the next day. Schaendorf says people want a relationship with their farmers and food.

"I think people want that connection with their food. They are concerned where their food comes from what kind life the animal had and how they treat the environment and we are just here to sensible approach you know sustainable," said Schaendorf.

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