Firefighters meet baby they helped deliver in backseat of car

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jul 08, 2017

San Diego, CA (KSWB) — San Diego firefighters who helped deliver a child in Sorrento Mesa received a visit Thursday from the newborn and his grateful parents.

According to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Tom Judge was driving wife Sydney to a hospital around 9:30 p.m. on June 12 when she told him to pull over and call 911 because the baby was coming. Firefighters and paramedics from a nearby station responded to a commercial area at Oberlin Drive and Scranton Road, where the Judges were waiting.

Heston was delivered in the back seat of the Judge’s car. He and Sydney were then taken by ambulance to Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

She said they didn’t realize how close they were to a fire station.

“The mom did all the work — it was a healthy delivery and we were just fortunate to be, I think, in a position to assist,” Kimi Hiapo-Matthews of the SDFRD said.

Heston and Sydney are doing well and the Judges wanted to meet the crew – – under less stressful circumstances — to express their appreciation, according to the SDFRD.