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Creating an Adult Piggy Bank

Posted at 11:10 AM, Jun 09, 2017

As a kid, it was always easy to put random change found around the house or allowance into a piggy bank. After months of saving kids would open the piggy bank and count up all their money, and always be amazed in how much money was inside.

Michael Markey Jr., owner and co-founder of Legacy Financial Network, says that the same concept can be used for adults, except the piggy bank is a savings account.

To builds an adult piggy bank, Markey says to open up a new bank account and lock yourself out of the account. By locking yourself out of the account, users won't be able to see how much money is inside.

As months go by start putting random amounts of money in the account at random intervals, just like a kid would do with a piggy bank. When the online statement arrives, you'll be surprised on how much money was saved.

For more information on how you can fireproof your finances, visit www.legacyfinancialnetwork.comor call 1-855-LFNETWORK.